Open Trials

A Funded Clinical Trial to Evaluate an Autologous Vaccine Plus Adoptive T-Cell Transfer in the Treatment of Dogs with Osteosarcoma

Trial Specifics:
ACI is conducting a clinical trial in dogs with osteosarcoma, sponsored by Elias Animal Health, LLC.  ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI™) is a personalized T cell-based treatment that triggers the patient’s immune system to eliminate cancer.

This trial is designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of surgery combined with ECI-OSA-1 as a treatment for newly-diagnosed appendicular osteosarcoma.  Following amputation, enrolled dogs will receive a series of vaccinations that are customized from the cancer tissue.  Vaccines are once weekly for 3 weeks.  After the vaccinations, the personalized T cells are collected through apheresis and then activated before being reinfused into the patient. Following intravenous infusion of activated T cells, enrolled dogs will be followed for up to 11 months.  The follow-up visits will include bloodwork and thoracic radiographs every 3 months.

Trial Funding:
The owner will be responsible for the initial amputation surgery, and the remainder of the trial is fully funded for the full trial duration (11 months), including all visit procedures and treatments.

Trial Eligibility:
Dogs with osteosarcoma may be enrolled if they meet the specific criteria:

  • Biopsy confirmation of appendicular osteosarcoma
  • No prior or current anti-cancer treatment other than surgery for osteosarcoma
  • No concurrent glucocorticoids or other immunosuppressive chemical agents
  • No second malignancy or other uncontrolled medical condition that may be disruptive to the objectives of the study

The clinical trial is being offered at the following locations:

Veterinary Specialty Hospital – San Diego
10435 Sorrento Valley Rd.
San Diego, CA 92121

Veterinary Specialty – North County
2055 Montiel Rd. #104
San Marcos, CA 92069

Pet Emergency and Specialty Center of Marin
901 East Francisco Blvd.
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 456-7372

A Funded Clinical Trial to Evaluate a Novel Immunotherapy in Dogs with Lymphoma, Melanoma and Mast Cell Tumors

m1Trial Specifics
This trial is designed to evaluate the safety and preliminary anti-cancer activity of a novel, monoclonal antibody in dogs with measurable cancer. The antibody is administered IV by the study staff every 28 days for up to 5 treatments. There is no placebo in this trial. An estimated 30 client-owned dogs with Lymphoma, Melanoma, or Mast Cell Tumors will be enrolled. Visits will be required when the dogs begin the study, at Day 14, Day 28, and monthly thereafter for a total trial period of 140 days.

Trial Funding
The trial is fully funded for the full trial duration (140 days), including the antibody and trial-related procedures.

Trial Eligibility
Dogs with one of the following cancers may be enrolled if they meet the specific criteria for each cancer:

Mast Cell tumors

  • At least one measurable skin tumor +/- metastatic lymph node(s) ≥ 2 cm
  • No intraabdominal metastasis
  • Prior therapy accepted with washout times to be discussed with the participating site


  • At least one measurable malignant tumor in the oral cavity, digit, skin +/- metastatic lymph node ≥ 2 cm
  • No pulmonary metastasis
  • Prior therapy accepted with washout times to be discussed with participating site


  • All stages accepted but must have at least one measurable peripheral lymph node ≥ 2 cm
  • No pulmonary or gastrointestinal involvement
  • Disseminated B or T-cell lymphoma (not epitheliotrophic)
  • Newly diagnosed or dogs that have completed no more than one chemotherapy protocol

Trial Location
The clinical trial is being offered at the following location:

The Oncology Service at The LifeCentre
134 Fort Evans Rd. NE
Leesburg VA 20176

The Veterinary Cancer Center
129 Glover Ave
Norwalk CT 06850

Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego
10435 Sorrento Valley Rd
San Diego CA 92121

VCA Katonah Bedford Veterinary Center
546 Bedford Rd. (Route 117)
Bedford Hills NY 10507

University of Wisconsin-Madison
School of Veterinary Medicine

2015 Linden Drive
Madison WI 53706

BluePearl Overland Park
11950 West 110th St
Overland Park KS 66210

Oradell Animal Hospital
580 Winters Ave
Paramus NJ 07652

Hope Veterinary Specialists
40 Three Tun Rd
Malvern PA 19355

Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center
8650 W. Tropicana Ave, Suite B-107
Las Vegas NV 89147

Great Pyrenees with Osteosarcoma

ACI is conducting a study that collects saliva sample, buccal (cheek) swabs, and a small amount of whole blood from Great Pyrenees that are diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Eligible dogs may be newly diagnosed, currently receiving therapy, or previously treated.

Trial Eligibility:

  • Any purebred Great Pyrenees with Osteosarcoma
  • Any age, breed, or sex is eligible

Trial Support

This study is a voluntary study for pet owners whose dogs meet the above criteria.

Saliva collection kits and buccal swabs will be provided to pet owners at no charge with sampling and mailing instructions inside. A kit with prepaid return packaging will be mailed to the owners for quick and easy return. Blood samples are requested, but not mandatory. Please contact ACI for information on how a blood samples can be obtained in your area.