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January 17th, 2020 Posted by Other 0 thoughts on “KIDNEY DISEASE SAMPLE COLLECTION PROJECT”

Project Overview

The project is being conducted by ACI and involves collection of blood and kidney samples in cats and dogs with all stages of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and/or acute kidney injury (AKI). The objective is to identify differentially expressed genes and over-represented pathways contributing to this disease in pets.

Project Details

Dogs and cats of any breed, age or sex are eligible so long as they are at least 1.5 kg and have CKD or AKI of any IRIS stage.  Prior to enrollment, the owner must provide written consent for participation.  A CBC/Chemistry/Urinalysis will be sent to a central lab before the day of euthanasia or on the day of euthanasia to confirm CKD stage.  There is an option to run in-house bloodwork to confirm the presence of CKD or AKI so long as an additional sample is sent to a central lab for analysis.  Immediately ante-mortem, up to 4ml of blood will be collected for serum and plasma.  These samples will be stored at -20C and eventually batch shipped.  Following euthanasia (within 1 hour), both kidneys will be removed for formalin and RNAlater processing.  These samples will also be batch shipped.

Additionally, the project is designed to collect serum, plasma and kidneys from 15 dogs and 15 cats that are euthanized without having CKD or AKI.  Samples for these pets will also be processed according to the plan above.

Project Compensation

Owner incentive

  • Free euthanasia and cremation
  • Free CBC/chemistry/Urinalysis
  • Donation in pet’s name

Site compensation (per case)

  • Blood and urine collection (submit to central lab – collection only)
  • In-house CBC/chemistry if necessary
  • Serum/plasma collection for genetics analysis
  • Serum/plasma sample processing
  • Kidney sample collection (if collected by non-ACI personnel)
  • Kidney sample processing (formalin and RNA storage)
  • Completion of case report forms (if site completes paper only)
  • Completion of case report forms (if entered electronically)
  • ACI will pay for batch shipping of all samples

Participating Sites

Olney Sandy Spring Veterinary Hospital
1300 Olney Sandy Spring Rd.
Sandy Spring, MD 20860
Phone: (301) 774-9500

Quakertown Veterinary Clinic
2250 North Old Bethlehem pike
Quakertown, PA 18951
Phone: (215) 536-6245

Wilson Veterinary Hospital – West
12000 Durham Road
Washington Twp., MI 48095
Phone: (586) 752-6217

Animal Hospital of Dauphin County
241 South Hershey Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112
Phone: (717) 652-1270

Liverpool Animal Health Center
8205 Oswego Rd
Liverpool, NY 13090
Phone: (315) 622-2882

Bradford Park Veterinary Hospital
1255 East Independence St.
Springfield, MO 65804
Phone: (417) 886-0777

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