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ACI’s success is largely based on its dynamic, interactive network of board-certified veterinary specialists and progressive primary care veterinarians throughout the US and Canada.

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ACI is best known for its network of board-certified veterinary oncologists.  These doctors are experienced in the care of veterinary cancer patients using state-of-the-art conventional treatments and novel investigational therapies. The best treatment option is defined through the vet’s experience and his or her knowledge of the individual goals of an owner whose pet has been diagnosed with cancer.

In 2013, ACI developed its network of board-certified veterinary dermatologists.  Similar to the oncology network, this group of investigators is well trained in study conduct and enjoys offering cutting edge treatment options.

More recently, ACI partnered with Ethos Veterinary Medicine to begin work with board-certified specialists in internal medicine, critical care and pain management.

ACI will convene an ad hoc network of veterinary specialists in surgery, cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, regenerative medicine and inflammatory and metabolic diseases, studying conditions that are complex in themselves and often overlap in an aging pet population.

ACI’s network of primary care veterinarians works in various multi-doctor hospitals across the United States. This group of interested clinicians and support staff provide access to the primary care population and provide advanced care options for medical and preventative strategies.

All ACI Network clinics have been pre-qualified and trained to work on clinical trials.